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I realize that it would be tomorrow for us in the Western part of the world but!!!! Its Wonho's birthday today!!!!!!! My little Ramyun Boy who is scared of heights (I feel you) Now to celebrate this special day Wonho way! Happy 23rd Birthday!
Now here are some of the most ridiculous photos I could find of our sexy~ lead vocalist
Now how this little potato could cute and sexy as hell!! Is a mystery to MonBebes of the world, Wonho stans and the occasional passerby....
Sorry....not really..... I JUST had to put these up or else he wouldn't be Wonhoe..... I need to stop....Sam needs to breathe....*starts taking huge breaths* Like seriously how could you look cute while showing your ahhs......nope....I'm Happy Birthday! Stay healthy!!
Wonhoe is ๐Ÿ˜
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Oh my heart...
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