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So I've seen that he had blonde hair for awhile then blue. :D He keeps switching up lol which color do you like more on him, blonde or blue?
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It don't matter to me. Yoongi is yoongi. He reminds me of ice cream with the color hair he has 馃槀馃槀
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I really just want to know how all these idols still have good hair. I use bleach and my hair is dry and crunchy for like a month. They change their hair on the regs and it looks so soft and shiny and not broken??? How?
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his hair looks like that one Gatorade flavor and I love Gatorade and respect yoongi so the two combined is the greatest thing ever
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I love both but my favorite is jet black
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@Deluzional and the thing is I love his new color and that flavor of Gatorade
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