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You're not helping lol
well maybe if you trained more instead of studying all the time, this would be an easier mess to clean up!
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I don't get it. someone explain it to me. is that cell? why does gohan want to give cell senzu? don't make fun of me for not understanding. only pathetic lonely losers would do that. ,
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@freep ok so during the cell games goku gave cell a senzu bean after his fight with him so he would be at full power for his fight with gohan. so now gohan is just being sarcastic ny saying he should give this arrogant sonbitch (omega shenron) one so he can he at full power for their fight. hes the last villain from gt (technically doesnt exist any more but still pretty cool)
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oh. I forgot goku gave cell senzu. and I forgot everything about this omega Shenron mofo. u deserve a prize from the creators of vingle because u did a good explanation with their app. if vingle don't give u something cool then vingle can suck it. @Johnny012345
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