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This got me started tearing up.. :( Reunion puh-lease!!
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@YinofYang lol yes! some English movies are dubbed in Korean on TV.. and it amazes me how the voices sound amazingly identical to the original!
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@miranpark88 oh God! what i wouldn't give for a Friends reunion!!
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@shoenami Really? Interesting! I don't know why I'm all surprised. I used to watch Thai dramas dubbed in Khmer. That was fun.
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@YinofYang you watch everything! i'm amazed by the depths of your interests!
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@shoenami ( 。・_・。)人(。・_・。 ) Awww, thanks sis. Yes, Matt likes to call me a "serial hobbyist." I have so many freaking interests and hobbies, I can't keep it all straight. I love watching just about anything from anywhere. :D
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