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Hey Nakama!!!

I'm excited to share with you all this calendar, outlining (some) of the events we on the mod team are planning for this most Mad of all Months.
It's an incomplete calendar of course, but we like to leave room for surprises too!
This is just a way for everyone to keep tabs on what's going on in the community this month, so you can prepare your own cards in preparation for the date!
Since March is Women's History Month, we will be focusing a lot of our attention of the awesome and badass women in anime, as well as the women behind the scenes who make our favorite anime come to life!
So mark this calendar down and get stoked for a great March!

Let's make this community the definitive anime community on the interwebz!!

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@tayhar18920 yes! I absolutely encourage it!!
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totally integra helping
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Hey AOT Best Moments is on my birthday
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