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Venom... was a good guy?

We all know venom as one of the most recognizable symbiote and archnemesis of Spider-Man but, in 1993, Marvel made a limited series where Venom is an antihero.
In this series Venom and Spider-Man have a truce and Venom decides to move to San Fransisco. There he discovers an underground city of people. Now Eddie Brock/Venom has to deal with a city that sees him as a hero and a monster at the same time. In the course of the series the Venom symbiote is used to create a team of symbiotes.
Another limited series was Venom: The enemy within, which only consisted of 3 issues.
It is Halloween night, in San Francisco, in this series and thousands of goblins have taken to the streets, now venom has to find out who the real leader of the goblins is. As you can see Venom is still aware of the history him and Spider-Man share. The coolest part of this comic, I think, is the cover:
Glow in the dark! These are only two of about 7 limited series of the good side to Venom. Definitely worth a read!
I do need to read this xD
@ThePervySage I liked a lot of the 90s stuff DX lol to each their own XP
@hhead232 It was contrived. The anti hero was big, so they made Venom one and it wasn't really earned. The symbiotes were a thing, so on top of Carnage who was cool, they went and made others. The 90's in general sucked at Marvel, with the exception of a few gems, but everything Spider-Man related was totally uninspired.
@shannonl5 I think the Scarlet Spider they have now is Kaine because he sounds like him more than Ben Riley
Ehhh, I couldn't stand this era in comics.
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