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If you've been playing any of Street Fighter V online, you've probably run into a couple of matches where your opponent would quit the match right before you were about win. Actually, this isn't just an issue for Street Fighter V, it's more so an issue with every fighting game you play online. It's something most people have to deal with or other times, the developer does something to penalize the people who quit early.
And it looks like Capcom is going to do that with Street Fighter V. I don't know what it is, but I really enjoy when developers take the extra step and try and fix the issues their players are having. And with the issue of rage-quitting (which is a pretty big issue for everyone who plays a fighting game online), I think it's good that they're taking some steps to alleviate that issue.
But it looks like they need your help documenting rage-quits or encounters with those players. They say that the "punishment will be severe" for the worst offenders but I'm unsure as to what that means. Part of me thinks that they'll add some kind of icon to let you know that the person is a consistent disconnector.
Or, a better change would be to take away some League Points from the player who disconnects and give them to the player they disconnected from. If they did something like that, it would probably make people hate disconnecting from matches. If they lost something of value, I think it'd really change the way these people play the game. And by that I mean, they'd probably play the game instead of disconnecting from it.
@sco97 yeah I heard it's impossible for some people to even play
that's when you actually get to connect to their servers. I get to find a match once every 10 to 15 minutes. Time to sell this incomplete game
I can afford video games.
or display. display sounds better, right. like I know stuff.
only if you watch thru a screen. @paulisadroid
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