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How do we balance safety and artistic freedom?

Personally I understand why some comic book stores have a separate section for comics that are oriented for kids (I wouldn't want a six year old reading Sin City) but at the same time, we want artists and writers to feel like they can tell the best story they can, without restrictions. Right? How do we make sure that the comic book experience is safe for everyone?
This is honestly hard to deal with on many levels. One establishment will actually protect their goods by law, meaning if you aren't the age of the suggested material, then you aren't getting it. While others freely display and sell any number of things without a single care as to who can get ahold of them. It's because there is no solid base as to what's right and what's wrong because people's opinions are so divided. It's always going to be an issue of what's 'Appropriate' and what's not. He said, she said. I can't even bother arguing with this because honestly I'd rather remain a neutral person. It's none of my business what others do. But I can control what content is in mine, and that's all I want. I worry about my kid sometimes, but when I think about it at certain ages I got into things I probably shouldn't have. It's going to happen, regardless of my wishes. Making sure things are safe is not always the best solution either. The definition of safe is arguable as well. Ugh.. I'm gonna stop now. lol *zips lips*
@shannonl5 Thanks. I've always been very open about this sort of thing, though like I said I like to just worry about me and leave others to their own complaints and devices. I've raised my kid the best way I know how, and I've shared many things with him that I feel was necessary. Maybe they were ahead of what he needed at the time, maybe not? But all I know is being honest and straightforward is the best way for me to go in any given situation. I did this because I'd rather him be exposed than be clueless and pressured. Kids have an immense pressure system and I feel comics/art and censorship is the last of my concerns for what he has to deal with. Bullying, drugs, school work, just being a Teen in general and the constant battering of hormones and girls. Art censoring? Pshh, please. lol Last on the list.
I was thinking don't they censor them already? I mean its there special packages for mature contents comics?
@JordanRivera I tried to leave it as open as possible so everyone could share their opinions ^_^
I don't think comics should be censored 馃槓 it would just kind of ruin the tone of the comics and the mood idk it just feels like it wouldn't be epic or how serious some events actually are. But this is how I feel. I DO think that they should definitely separate the mature comics from the normal comics that are for the under aged peeps because yeah.
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