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How do we balance safety and artistic freedom?

Personally I understand why some comic book stores have a separate section for comics that are oriented for kids (I wouldn't want a six year old reading Sin City) but at the same time, we want artists and writers to feel like they can tell the best story they can, without restrictions. Right? How do we make sure that the comic book experience is safe for everyone?
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ahhhh gotcha. i was a bit confused lol 馃槄
@JordanRivera no worries!
no. there is no good reason to limit the creative freedom of artists. not even one. if you don't enjoy a certain type of content, don't purchase it. or make your own. get a friend or two together, brainstorm some ideas. and when you come up with something you think will be good, get to drawing and creating the storyline. that's how lots of great characters have come into existence.