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@JimTurpen made my day
@QuronBrunner *brain seized up* *unplugging and plugging back in*
then there's people in his universe like silk, spider women and everyone else that has enemies that Spidey has fought and that would still be more. because marvel has crossed a lot over into his universe. there's also the new comics with new enemies @JimTurpen
by facts spiderman because his enemies stretch across multiple spider-verses and the all the Spider-Man and women's enemies are the original peters enemies
the 3 DC characters interact with each other's villains. The Joker, for example, pops up in Metropolis from time to time, and Gorilla Grodd has been known to visit Batman comics, but is considered a Flash villain. So I guess if you wait long enough and/or count all the Justice League encounters any one of the DC characters would have more than Spidey - not counting the multiverse, @QuronBrunner, because it's too early to wrap my mind around it. It's a good point, though.
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