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This past 11 Days I challenged you all to answer questions related to Love & Relationships to see what you came up with! I' must say, I was totally blown away by the amount and length and depth of your perspectives and experience.

So without further ado, the top commenters in the challenge, and the self-title Love Advice Gurus are...

You all were the top commenters in the Ultimate Love Guru Challenge!! Thank you ALL for participating. I LOVED reading all your comments and seeing your perspective!

Now please indulge in some of my favorite comments.:)

And a few more...

What was your favorite/ most interesting question out of the challenge?!

Haha very funny @nicolejb but FYI I'm about to ask a girl to prom on Wednesday. So if you have any advice my ears are open
Yass. I've succeeded at something for once!😂😂😂 lol jk. Great job everyone
Awww that's ok @MajahnNelson you can still be a honorary Love Guru ;)
Hahaha but hey!! I heard you are also successful at rollerskating ;) @momattheword I Know @VeronicaArtino you are seriously the best at that!! now we have a whole crew of awesome helpers for you too
wow I am don't think of my self as a love guru I just wanted to help those that needed that. I really liked that last line of my comment that you chose. I hope I was helpful and I will always be here for anyone that might need some advice or just want to shoot the breeze. lol
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