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This past 11 Days I challenged you all to answer questions related to Love & Relationships to see what you came up with! I' must say, I was totally blown away by the amount and length and depth of your perspectives and experience.

So without further ado, the top commenters in the challenge, and the self-title Love Advice Gurus are...

You all were the top commenters in the Ultimate Love Guru Challenge!! Thank you ALL for participating. I LOVED reading all your comments and seeing your perspective!

Now please indulge in some of my favorite comments.:)

And a few more...

What was your favorite/ most interesting question out of the challenge?!

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@MajahnNelson your first time camping?! How was it?!!?
Totally, @2Distracted nerds are the best of the best
@nicolejb yeah lol it was pretty fun. I FINALLY got to eat s'mores. They were soooo good. But I'm an outdoorsy kind of person so I've always wanted to go camping and a friend of mine just so happened to mention that to his uncle who has an RV so things just took off from there. But yeah just being out in the wilderness like that is kind of indescribable for me. Despite it being the last few weeks of winter it was still very beautiful in its own way.
@MajahnNelson You've NEVER had s'mores?!?! Well I'm glad you got the chance. Yeah, winter camping is tricky because it's also super cold. I did some camping when I lived in colorado and I LOVED it
That's where I really want to go camping. I went in north Georgia. I know the scenery in Colorado is pretty spectacular @nicolejb