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Last Saturday, Steph Curry made a game winning shot that absolutely blew my mind. I recently wrote a card about how his talent and skill is so high that he's breaking the way the NBA2K games are made. Which is an amazing feat, I mean who wouldn't want to be so good and so talented that an artificial representation of yourself can't compete with you, right?
And even though I said sports writers and commentators should probably stop talking about Curry's skill as video game-like, I don't know how else to describe how he made the shot that he did against the Oklahoma City Thunder last Saturday night. It's unbelievable. And someone decided to recreate that shot in NBA2K perfectly.
If you don't watch basketball, or didn't see the game, I've left the game-winning clip above. You can see that he only had a couple of seconds to make the shot and he was far behind the 3-point line before he took the shot. It's kind of mind blowing that he made that shot from that far away. I could talk about how difficult that is but I think you can understand.
And here's the same shot recreated in the game. The two giant differences with both of these clips, aside from the fact that one happens in real life and the other happens in fake life, is that whoever made this YouTube clip had multiple chances to get this shot right.
It's a video game. And that's what makes video games easier or great ways to escape because you always get a do-over. Virtual Steph Curry in the video above probably had multiple do-overs. I say this knowing how the game works and how difficult it is to make a shot like that in the game because of the way the developers built the game in terms of shot selection and player skill, etc.
But real life Steph Curry had one chance. He had one moment to win the game. He had one chance and he somehow still made the shot. Listen, I'm an avid Knicks fan (I know, it's why I'm sad most of the time) so I'm not trying to say that Curry is my favorite player and I'm not trying to jump on any bandwagons. But it's hard to deny the fact that Curry is one of the best players in the league right now.
That gif is priceless XD
TIL Steph Curry is a literal Super Saiyan
Chef Curry is just too good. 2K better update his stats or sth because even video games cannot handle him right now
Also, I'm pretty sure the video game Curry shot closer to the three point line than the real life Curry!
I'm pretty sure real-life Curry is better than video game Curry haha