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One of the most dangerous, yet legal moves in football is the chop block.
For those unfamiliar with the term, a chop-block occurs when one offensive player blocks a defender low while that defender is being blocked above the waist by another offensive player. The move already was illegal in many instances, but offensive linemen were still permitted to do so on running plays if they were lined up next to each other to start the play.
The timing and angles of the blocks leave many defenders defenseless to protect themselves, which often lead to serious knee injuries. Despite the potentially damaging results, teams still use the play due to it's effectiveness.
It seems as if the league has had enough of this block though, and as discussing getting rid of it all together.
Eliminating the block would be the latest in the way of player-safety recommendations and would have enormous ramifications on the running games of many teams around the league.
At the moment, countless teams rollout ultra athletic defensive ends and linebackers. While offensive linemen are strong, they can struggle beating these guys to the spot. This blocking technique focuses on angles and at times can be unstoppable. It forces the player to sacrifice his body to make the play.

Should the NFL get rid of chop-blocks?

@mchylang yeah I think this will great effect the impact of the running game, but player safety has to come first.
eh I have mixed feelings about this. I wanna see it banned but at the same time I feel like foorball is no longer what it is anymore. Like when you choose to do this as a career YOU KNOW what the risks entail. I dont know maybe its just me
I don't think so they're pretty necessary and I'll play defense so I receive a lot of those
@christianmordi I'm just saying I feel like that's the direction that sports are going in
If there was a sport that would go soon, it seems like football though.. Which is truly sad because I love the game!
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