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To save the world from devastation!

You only have enough battery left on your phone to call three people to help you solve the following world-ending problems:
1. Your mom owes the mob money and they're coming for her kneecaps.
2. Evil aliens have access to our nuclear codes and are going to fire.
3. Your ex is going to release naughty pics of you unless you date them again.

So... who do you choose?

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Dr Who to defeat the aliens Nastu to protect my mother's knee caps iron man for the cell phone pics
2 years ago·Reply
goku deadpool and doctor who
2 years ago·Reply
Goku, Deadpool, and Darth Vader
2 years ago·Reply
deadpool, doctor, and bellatrix
2 years ago·Reply
deadpool for the mob, Goku for aliens, and the third one is easily solved but for the sake of this I'll go with money.
a year ago·Reply