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Chapter 6~ Baekhyun


I carried three of my son's as we teleported to Berlin, where their older brother Xiumin was living in. I picked the three of them up and looked into the window of the house. "This is your older brother Xiumin. He's the oldest out of all of you three and your other brothers. When it's time, you and your other siblings will come together and take back our planet." I said as I teleported to China where I showed them Luhan and Lay. I also showed them Kris and Suho before teleporting to Lyon.

~Lyon 1992~

It was night time as we ended up in front of the staircase. I made my down the alleyways but the lights keep flickering. I turned to look back but then the whole city had a blackout. I knew it wouldn't be long until Xerusians would find me. So I turned forward and ran down the alley with the three boys in my arms. I came to a gate that was locked. I turned around and casted out my senses which I felt nothing, so I set Baekhyun down. "so your just gonna leave him there and take the other two with you?" I stopped in misstep. I looked at the young girl. "Yes. He will be in a better off somewhere else, rather then me." I told her. She rushed to Baekhyun and held onto him as he cooed in his sleep. "Your a cruel mother and I hope you never have anymore kids." she said to me. I shook my head. "Read the letter that I wrote you will find out my reason. But please do care for my Baekhyun. He is the light that will lead you in the dark." I said and left with the girl holding onto Baekhyun and made my way to Almaty.
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