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Throwing pie in the face of the game MVP has been a longstanding tradition in baseball.
Some teams don't do it as often, but the Orioles do it all the time, and have made it an art form. It was one of those traditions the developed organically over time, and even landed the Orioles a promotional deal with Dangerous Pie.
But that like all good things in life, that tradition is over now. As of Saturday, the Orioles have officially banned pie-in-the-face celebrations.
As for the Orioles reasoning, it's all about player safety. They don't want to be the team that announced a key players just hit the disabled list because of an aggressive pie throw.
This has been around forever, so many players are at odds over this call from management. It takes some fun out of the game, and sometimes after a winless drought or team tension, sometimes you need something fun to lift the spirits up of the team.

Is this really a concern for players, or are teams taking this one a bit too far? Should we get rid of this classic post-game tradition?

Also what about dumping Gatorade? You could potentially drop the cooler on a player's head and he has the potential to get a concussion or sth...just saying haha
what a good way to get in the line up but putting your star player on the injured
WHAT!!! OH COME ON!!! I LOVED seeing these! Why Os.....why :(
This is the biggest BS I've ever heard in my life hahaha
I think they are being overly cautious...I mean there were some stupid injuries in the past due to celebrations but I don't think pie-throwing should be banned.
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