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CNBlue recently held a concert in Seoul as part of their “Blue Moon World Tour” and fans of member Jung Yong Hwa, to commerate the event, donated 300 cans of milk that can feed 24,900 babies to the Holt Children’s Services. The fans were specifically part of Jung Yong Hwa’s fancafe called, “DC Jung Yong Hwa Gallery” and instead of just the usual rice donation that is popular among fans of K-Pop, Jung Yong Hwa’s fans also decided to donate milk in his name to orphaned babies. Fans left messages with the donation that read, “We will support [him] till the day Yong Hwa is number one on Billboard” and “Yong Hwa, fly higher so you can see more of the world.” According to Hankooki, the “DC Jung Yong Hwa Gallery” stated, “We decided to donate milk so that infants at the adoption agency unable to find a new families can grow up healthy drinking good milk. The babies are growing up in the adoption agency because adoption procedures have become more complicated due to an amendment in the ‘Act on Special Cases Concerning Adoption’.” Fans of Jung Yong Hwa also donated 1.54 tons of rice and fellow member Lee Jung Shin‘s fans donated 1.61 tons. Ah this is so sweet of them!!!