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One of my favorite video game sites, RockPaperShotgun, recently put up an article about The Division and the issue of microtransactions. In the article they showed a recent tweet from Ubisoft Community Manager that said:
There will be no microtransactions, and definitely no P2W [Pay-to-Win]
And for most gamers, this is a good thing. But why does it matter? And what exactly is a microtransaction anyway? It seems like everyone has their own definition of what a microtransaction is but to me, it's paying real money for something in a video game. But nothing as large as DLC add-ons. Most microtransactions I've run into come from the NBA2K games.
In that game, you earn VC (virtual currency) which can be used to upgrade your player's stats or to buy new MyTeam packs. And you could also spend money to buy VC, this is essentially the pay-to-win thing the Ubisoft Community Manager is talking about. Part of me wonders why we, the players, care so much about these things in video games.
I understand both sides of the argument. One side doesn't think it's fair that people who just have disposable income can win over people who don't and the other side would rather unlock everything they can with money simply because they don't have the time to spend doing everything the long way.
I've been in positions where I've bought VC just so I could speed up the way my character played in the MyCareer mode but in other games, like certain racing games, I didn't spend any money for better cars, etc. In the end though, I enjoy microtransactions if they add small things to the game that don't really make one player better than any other player.
For example, hats. I would buy the shit out of hats in any game that let me. You can never go wrong with accessories that don't add anything to the game. But it doesn't seem like a lot of game companies go this route. I'm actually surprised to hear that The Division won't have any P2W elements (as most games these days do). It'll be interesting to see how future games tackle this subject if The Division ends up becoming super successful.
What do you guys think about microtransactions in video games? You think they just be gone forever or are there times where you enjoy them? Let me know in the comments below!
Good for the Division team. I'm so tired of bs micro transactions and pay 2 win and dlc that requires you to beat the game or experience the full game. I paid my $60 I don't need to pay another $60 just to play the rest of the game.
I honestly would love for microtransactions to be gone forever. Yea, it's nice to have it as an option at times but I think it would just fine for the games and for the wallet to not have them. I am with @TylerDurso and @Animaniafreak on this one~
I'll never buy any in-game items that cost real money, first I've already paid for the game, second I play games to relax, not buying my way up so I've got more competing edge than the other players. But I understand ppl are willing to pay if that gives them advantage or meaning spend less time in gaining levels, it just not for me.