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Since the beginning of the season, everyone has said it's a three team race for the championship between the Spurs, Cavs and Warriors.
While those three teams have been solid, one of the best teams that no one is mentioning is the Toronto Raptors. They are healthy, stable and playing great basketball. Late last week, they faced off against the Cavs, and made a big statement, beating the Cavs by two points at home.
While it wasn't a blowout victory, there are many of reasons the Cavs should be concerned.
1-Coaching: Tyronn Lue is a rookie coach and it's evident that he's struggling to adapt to this team. As the playoffs come around, he will be facing some of the best coaches in basketball. Coach Casey of Toronto has a scheme and executes it flawlessly.
2-Defense. Toronto, in my opinion, is a better defensive team than the Cavs. The are locked in and hold teams to one shot at the rim, if that. It was evident in the game that the lack of identity the Cavs have on offense make them predictable, thus easier to guard in spots of the game.
3-Kyle Lowry. The Cavs have NO ANSWER for Lowry. Kyrie Irving got torched last game, giving up 43 points to Lowry. If they don't get better defensively, how will they be able to stop a team like this?

Can the Toronto Raptors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers?

@mchylang idk, I think they are closer than you think. They are really good on defense, rebound well and are very hard to beat at home. If they can get solid production out of their bench, it's possible
@duckthefodgers idk if the Warriors are even gonna make it out the West
Whoever comes on top for the East will get crushed by the Warriors!
The Tyronn Lue factor can play a huge role as you've already mentioned. But I don't think the Cavs are going to lose to the Raptors this season.