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Hello all my fearless Vinglers!
I'm hard at work on the letters for our Typewriter project. Three of them have been sent! Congratulations @Patmanmeow @Jason41 and @EasternShell! Please let me know the second you get the letters, just so I know I didn't accidentally send it to the wrong address.
This week, I'm finishing up letters for @RaquelArredondo @alywoah and @JordanHamilton, @PurpleChick @HarleyGeary and @AristaJ
You guys should get your letters by the end of next week!
I'm going a little bit crazy, because the clicking of the keys is almost hypnotic. I had to take a little break last week ,and that's why I'm doing the letters in batches, to avoid the craziness that comes with writing too damn much.
This update really has to do with the fact that writing letters, in the traditional sense is actually really hard. It makes your mind a little cuckoo as well, because each word has to be expressly deliberate, or else you have no choice but to start over. When you're using a typewriter though, it makes everything harder because you can't correct your mistakes.
That's why, you'll probably notice a few mistakes in your letters. Little tick marks and backspaces, it's alright! That's part of the process!
Thought they'd be more genuine with the mistakes included. You know, because life is just a series of mistakes, for me at least.
I've had to order some more ribbon for the thing, because I've reversed it a few times and the ink is starting to run out. Manual ink wears thin in some places so you'll notice some lighter letters and darker ones, it's just teh nature of the machine. Plus, I used the older ink reel on the first three letters so @Patmanmeow, @Jason41 and @EasternShell, you're getting the authentic typewriter experience.
I'm really excited to hear back from you guys, and maybe if we love the way this turns out we can start a little Vingle Pen Pal club? What do you all think?
Anyway, I'm off to a really good start and hope you all are having a great week!
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Right and lol @jordanhamilton you wrote a book!? What kind!!?
2 years ago·Reply
It's just a compilation of the daily affirmations I write, but I only picked the ones pertaining to love. I have yet to submit anything to create space, but the goal is to have a few hard copies to sell by or before my birthday.
2 years ago·Reply
old school letters amazing and refreshing
2 years ago·Reply
I see a global campaign
2 years ago·Reply
@PurpleChick I want to send out yours! Get back to my message :) Also, the final letters will be sent out this week, if you guys have received yours I would love to see a card about your thoughts, or impressions! :)
2 years ago·Reply