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So many times, when you think of a black and white wedding cake, you think of crisp, differentiation between the two opposites. However, for this wedding cake, Sydney cake designer Cliff, of Cakes by Cliff, took this three tier confection and blurred the lines between the black and white. It's rustic, modern and ultimately very chic!
The only thing missing is a cake topper (of sorts) like a laser-cut "just married" type of moniker.
What do you think of this dazzling cake?
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It'd never taste like paper @seika469 It'd taste remarkable, I am quite sure! Cliff's cakes are gorgeous! And if they tasted bad I don't think he'd be in business. LOL
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@marshalledgar. ok than I would love to try it 馃槉
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it's different for sure, but too rustic for my taste, my mom would've kill me if I bring that out on my wedding! (we're kinda old fashion when it comes to weddings..)
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hahahah that's funny about your mom. Yeah, I totally understand that @animaniafreak. I love modern, cutting edge cakes. The kinds that you don't always see. :)
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whatever they are cakes saying I'm yummy why don't u try 馃槣 wanna try smtg like it
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