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I was talking with some Vinglers about what I love about the Love & Relationship Community, and a huge part of what I love is our ability to tell and share personal stories. And I want to know more of it! So I've decided to initiate a new challenge for the month of march.

I want you

to tell me

a story!

Introducing.... Storytime Tuesdays!!

Every Tuesday I will pose a topic/question to the Love & Relationship community and we will all share our stories.
For example:
What was the weirdest date you've been on?
How did you meet your best friend?
Describe your most embarrassing crush!

Now I need your help! I need more topics for the month.

What are some other Love & Relationship stories that we can talk about this month??

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Thank you @nicolejb! And so are you! I'm doing my best to survive this "hell month" at work.
Like this idea
How about when you knew that you were so over your crush? like did it take long to get over or the moment you realized that you were done worshipping the ground they walked on and was it a relief or not?
@VanessaSimmons that's a GOOD one. I think people question that all the time. Like at what point did you realize a relationship wasn't so good for you!
@nicolejb thanks glad you liked it