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I was talking with some Vinglers about what I love about the Love & Relationship Community, and a huge part of what I love is our ability to tell and share personal stories. And I want to know more of it! So I've decided to initiate a new challenge for the month of march.

I want you

to tell me

a story!

Introducing.... Storytime Tuesdays!!

Every Tuesday I will pose a topic/question to the Love & Relationship community and we will all share our stories.
For example:
What was the weirdest date you've been on?
How did you meet your best friend?
Describe your most embarrassing crush!

Now I need your help! I need more topics for the month.

What are some other Love & Relationship stories that we can talk about this month??

The craziest thing you have done with your BFF!
Hahahaha oh @SeoInHan i remember that... It was the best story ever!!! 😁😁😁 love those ideas @MannyPadron @BeannachtOraibh @Bobs @atmi. It can be really cathartic to share stories, great idea @nicolejb 😄😄 maybe something like... The moment you KNEW you were in love with someone! Or a time when you and a friend liked the same person - how did you work it out?
I've never been on a blind date :( @Bobs have you??? True @atmi!! Because even if someone isn't in true love/ sad situation, I'm sure they have a story about it! @humairaa ohhh man I've done some pretty wild stuff with my bf :D
well..some sad story maybe. you found your true love and live happily but after that, being forced to separate by some reason
internet dating stories or catfish!! lol
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