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Take a look at these Francis Libiran bridal gowns that feature traditional and very familiar silhouettes, yet with astonishing details that will make you stare in amazement!
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@marshalledgar thank you!
First and third gowns are truly amazing! Great picks @dimplequeen
Hmm, I really like the first second and third one..flowing, glamorous, and sleek! However I don't really like the ones further on😞
I LOVE these. The off whites are so beautiful. I don't think I'll get married in a white dress, the cream or gray colors seem so much more edgy!
I think you have really great camera presence. I've seen you in photos @TessStevens. I think you'd look great in anything. half the magic is in presence. And you already have that. I love grays and moody colors. Vera Wang has stunning gray and black gowns for brides