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Today I did so more experimenting in the kitchen. I purchased Gardein beefless tips. According to directions, I was suppose to cook the tips until browned, then set aside.
After I cooked the tips, I took a bit and the texture was actually great, as well as the taste. However, as I began to cook my stew as normal, I added the tips later on. I though that perhaps it would be great if the tips could actually take on the flavor of the stew.
I think that's where I went wrong. I don't think the tips are meant to be cooked or stewed for a very long time.
I think the tips would go great in a stir fry. If you have use this product and have any suggestions -- let me know!
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A mix of things. But their first couple of ingredients are wheat gluten, soy... @Animaniafreak
it looks delicious to me
It was...but I couldn't get passed the texture of the meatless tips. I cooked it for too long @brunodutch
@alywoah don't worry you already know fo next time not all experiments go good the first time one thing is fo sho it looks delicious..