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Let me tell you a quick story about a major discovery.
One night, responsible ol' Sailynn was in the hangout room of her dormitory, using the television as speakers for KPop while she studied for her Korean class.
Her friend Lucinda, an international Chinese student, barges through the door with bags full of stuff. Sailynn looks up and notices the Hangul on some of the items peaking through the clear color of the plastic bags.
"You need help?" Sailynn asked, getting up from her seat.
"No no, I got this. My ice cream is melting though," Lucinda responds.
"Ice cream?"
"Oh! Is that BTS?" Lucinda sets her bags on the table in front of Sailynn.
"Yeah, I just got one of their albums in," Sailynn beams like a child on Christmas morning. "You should probably put that away before it melts though."
"Oh yeah! I bought something I wanted you to try!" Lucinda pulls out a bottle that resembled Squirt because of the green tint.
"What is it?"
"Let me go get a cup!" Lucinda grabs her groceries and runs down the hall to her room. Sailynn leans back on her chair and stares at the bottle, attempting to read the Hangul on the wrapper.
Lucinda comes back with a cup. She pops the bottle open, allowing the fizz to settle before pouring it into the cup for Sailynn.
"Now try, you'll love it!"
Apparently, it's a milk soda.
Yes yes, I know that sparks even more curiosity but bear with me on this.
It tastes like.... like.... like heaven <3 :3
Like, it's not as fizzy and powerful as American sodas, instead, it's smoother and creamier. I guess that's the milk aspect of it but trust me, it's pretty good!
I know what I'm going to be stocking my refrigerator with!! :D
Have you tried it? Have you heard of it!? :D
Let me know!
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@marveltrashcan if you are in the US you can get it at Asian markets like HMart
I love milkis! especially the strawberry ones❤❤
I had tried something similar to it in the past. I wonder if it taste like what I'm thinking... time to head to the Asian store and start searching
oh those are delicious! I get them anytime I got to the Asian market near my,house! I love the banana flavored one!
this stuff it amazing it's weird but amazing lol
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