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i think we have the same definition of such. This video is a compliation of all the best episodes of MEAT. not the little pieces of meat and fancy ones, but the hardcore, intimidating huge slices of MEAT.
@roselee89 @kristenadams i know...look at all that meat! is that even possible for a human being to eat?! YESSSS
i think this would be the definition of foodporn for everybodyyy
I can't take all that meat.....oh god.
@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll i think its because the spices. Korean people have a hard time adapting to different spices, specially the ones that have a strong reaction to their palate! So all the Pho here is very Koreanized! : (((
@miranpark88 yes it is true.. Great for hangover and winter..But anytime it is the bomb. I have to be careful though because it puts me in food coma so I have to make sure to eat it around nap time ;). I'm surprised that it would be hard to find a true pho there in Korea, why would that be? Where I am at there is no restaurant for pho maybe 3 or 4 hours away. I still need to make it myself.
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