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So the tips of my rather long and insanely curly hair is pink at at the moment. It was purple for Halloween and just has washed into pink. I'm debating on changing the color but October is an indecisive creature. White was posed as an option but sooo many people live the pink it's almost going to be weird without it. But reapplying pink may be too much since it was purple to begin with. I don't know and I'm bored on lunch break so this card had been made. Give me your opinions below!
I didn't know there was a community for hairstyles
maybe someone in the hairstyles community can give you some insight?
Personally I like it! I actually had very similar hair for a while (only much much much longer). If it's fading you could probably maintain it by putting a new layer of pink dye on top of it. Just make sure you're shampooing with dye-friendly shampoo