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We all have our reasons for liking our favorite groups here are some reasons to love ikon.
# 1. Because they are super smart. I love ikon and their dorkyness. I still die every time about June and the phone.
# 2. Their visuals are no joke! Aren't they adorable xD.
# 3. How close they are to each other. They love messing with each other especially Jinhwan because he is the oldest.
# 4. THE SHIPS!!! It's almost impossible not to ship one of these three ships in ikon ( but there are more!)
# 5. Their sayings. I think this one is self explanatory
# 6. Their dancing. I personally love all of their dances, but this one happens to be my favorite.
# 7. They also double as a girl group. I love the fact that the did this I watch it all the time laughing because it's too cute!
I'm a sucker for good ships and iKON ships kill me, iKON is life, hwaiting!
the ships alone ❤❤
ikonic here. Bobby my UB
Awwwwww ikonic here!❤️ Jinhwan is my son