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I might love Negasonic more than anything.

She's basically everything I wanted to be as a teenager (minus the shaved head... not a great look on me). Seriously Negasonic Teenage Warhead is a. the coolest name ever and b. someone I want to be my friend right now immediately.

Let's get some Negasonic love going!

Who else was totally surprised by this character? She's stealthily becoming my fave.
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@BelleofRay haha I'd get twitter just to repost them all on Vingle XD
i love negasonic, but my favorite character would have to be the star himself.
@LadyLuna, instead of Twitting, you're Vingling lol!
She was all like *text, text, text; sarcastic or ironic remark; then BOOM! FLASH! FOOSH!!* and the entire pier or whatever collapsed. So yeah it's safe to say she's ducking awesome and I want to see more of her
@MajahnNelson that is the perfect description. I hope they put that on the back of the DVD