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Basically something happened and I'm getting blamed for it. People are telling at me everyday but they won't even hear my side of the story. My brother and sister stuck up for me so that's good. But literally I walked into my tae kwon do school and right after class a bunch of adults and people I thought had my back turned against to support a proven liar and now they keep saying I should just take responsibility for what I've done, they won't even let me talk. There's only like 4 people who are on my side and 3 if them were there. So I'm getting really angry and I can't talk to anyone so I came on here. Sorry if I bothered you. I'll end things on a good note so here are some happier pics/quotes.
Sorry it's a long card
What happened sunshine? :/
this kid I know got hurt and he's known to be a liar but we thought he was done with that. well, some time floor was wet and he slipped because he had been running after me as I walked away bc I knew it was slippery. I heard him fall and checked to see of he was ok. he told everyone I instigated and now it's evolved to I kicked him in the face making him fall. his sister(my best friend) was a witness but I can't contact her rite now bc I'd have to do it through her older brother and he won't let me. basically everyone's yelling at me and saying that since I'm a black belt I should act like it. I'm only a teen so like really. but anyways they're taking a 7 year olds word over mine. only one instructor believes me. my brother and sister stool up for me. but whenever I try and tell them what really happened they tell me to be quiet and accept the consequences for my actions. but I haven't done anything. so this whole week and then some is just gonna be people yelling at me and not letting me talk so if it gets worse my mom's gonna make me quit. so I said I would take care of it Wednesday bc that's wen I go back there. @ninjamidori