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How to get a Textaholic's Attention

I'm totally one to make snarky comments like this, and then get in trouble with it later. But this is a BIG pet peeve of mine.
Does this bug anyone else?!
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Ohhhh man I hope so @AdamKobosky!! That could totally be a thing @Chrisingularis maybe I'll test that out...
Hahaha @BeannachtOraibh you could do that too. Sometimes I like talking and typing out my thoughts too, I'm much more eloquent like that! SAME @seika469 seriously, major turn-off!!
@nicolejb I will try to tell him. thank you:) appreciated. hopr it works.
That's an excellent way to show your full attention @Superdose323! Maybe you should learn from that @danidee :P jk, but I totally get it. It's a huge addiction for me too! I'm sorry to hear that @BelindaMiscran!! I like to separate my time. Maybe say: "Hey! looks like you are busy talking to your friends overseas and I realize that's important BUT after 20 mins (or however long) of talking to them let's spend some quality time together. No cell phones allowed" That way he doesn't have to compromise!
*sigh my bf is doing this al the time when I am talking. He claimed that he heard me but sometimes he was too into the texts with his friends overseas....what should I do?
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