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After tomorrow, the total # of candidates still standing will get A LOT smaller. Hils and Berns go head-to-head in 12 contests on Tuesday. The GOP is also revving up for a grand total of 11 states. So let's get fired up and learn a little bit about the big day.
But what is Super Tuesday anyway?
A huge amount of voting for the parties. A huge amount of anticipation. It's going to be super.
What are the contests?
Well, they are a combo of primaries and caucuses. They are different, an each state has a little bit different of a process. ~Make sure you know what your state is up to~
Who will participate?
A freakin' bunch of states. Here's the grand total: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will hold contests for both Republicans and Democrats.
Republicans in Alaska will hold caucuses.
Democrats in Colorado and in American Samoa are also holding their nominating contests.
Ok, this is a lot to take in. What do I need to know/watch the MOST?
yup, sorry about all that friend. It's a lot for a political noob.
Well, this is a big one for good ol' Sanders. Hills is expected to win the saunter states Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, and Virginia. But Vermont, Minnesota, Colorado, and Massachusetts Berns has to get to have a shot at the nom. Good luck to Bernie.
The GOP candidates are scrambling for 595 Republican delegates on Tuesday. With the wins from Trump, he has more money to fight fight, but Rubio and Cruz are also stepping up their game. Analysts are looking at a possible party split. This is a big day for them though, after Tuesday nearly half of the 1,237 needed to win the presidential nomination will make their decision.

Who's going to be fired up about the race tomorrow?

Really looking forward to the caucuses from the different states, and as always, excited to see Bernie there. I'm of work tomorrow so I'm down!
I'm really excited to see what the results will be. We'll definitely have a better idea of who will be nominated after tomorrow. Crossing my fingers for Bernie!
@MaighdlinS HAHAHAHA well that was my goal, to get people thinking and going out to VOTE. At least I hope so!! It's so interesting to me that other states are so much later than the rest. I wonder how much influence the other decisions will have on the later states, you know @CelinaGonzalez?? Woooo @Patmanmeow @TessStevens yeah I'm trying to check in about things throughout the day!!
this put the fear of God into me lol
Come on Bernie!!! I'm waiting for you in California.
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