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It's February 29th, the leap year, but it is oh so much more then that! Started out years ago, Sadie Hawking's is a day that insists women make the first move and go after the one they love! And since it only comes along every 4 years let's take advantage !!!
While this day is a silly day of love and mushy romance, it's usually criticized as an anti-feminist holiday. I mean do girls really need to wait every 4 years to ask out a guy? As your resident feminist I say No of course not!!! But I like to think of it as a special day for even the most shy of all feminist to feel extra empowered and let a silly (but oh so fun) tradition be the final push to go after the one you want!!
Little fun fact, I made the first move with every single guy I have ever liked, kissed, or dated!! My theory is if you like someone why let the moment potentially pass because if something as silly as rejection? I have never once regretted making the first move, even when things didn't turn out perfectly! Sitting back and wondering what could have been is worst then any rejection. Oh and by the way, my current boyfriend (whose amazing) will swear up and down that he made the first move but I know better. It took a lot of heavy flirting and grabbing his hand before he got up the nerve to kiss me! And it's been happily ever after ever since. So go out girls and find your happily ever after, or at least a quite enjoyable kiss!!
@lizarnone. Love this card
You are so the type to make a move!! I admire your confidence. I'm also very similar, every guy that I've been with has been me initiating it!:)