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It's the one thing all natural women can do without.

Every natural hair woman's worst nightmare is shrinkage. If you're not familiar with shrinkage, it's when the hair shrinks in size making the hair appear shorter than it actually happens to be.
Don't be fooled because more than likely that afro is swangin' down her back if you really want to get technical. It's a gift and a curse that us natural ladies must learn to embrace. In order to reverse the shrinkage, there's a process called 'stretching' that a lot of women follow to stretch their hair and kiss the shrinking goodbye -- at least until they decide to wash their hair again. Keep scrolling to check out the video below that shows shrunken hair being stretched in the process of flat ironing.

Do you suffer from shrinkage?

How do you prevent your hair from seriously shrinking?
Can u tell me what hair products have been used?@jordanhamilton
In this video she did not mention any besides a flat iron @Sara3