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Dior For Easter
March 27th 2016. That would be Easter, Sunday.
Whether or not you observe the Christian holiday or not, there aint no reason why you can't own social media with your feet, in particular, these audacious pumps by Dior!
At the top you can choose foil finishes that rival Lindt chocolates or jelly bean shine with these fluorescent patent leather beauties. That heel! Yep. Lucite.
Thanks to Dior, it doesn't really matter what you wear to church on Sunday, so long as your feet are tucked inside one of these gorgeous beauties!
While these are set for Summer 2016, you can easily rock these this season before anyone else!
Can you decide which of these must-have pumps you'd splurge on? Price isn't yet known as these are not yet in stores! (hopefully before Easter, however!!!!!)
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The heels on the second row of the first picture look like cocktail drinks ^_^ can't help but want to flaunt these at a fancy bar
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