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5 months later "Ooo damn that was great work out" Top says to GD GD laughs "haha" GD "yeah it was great and your looking great might I add. But now we need to start working on your plan on how your gonna blow Mr YG way" Top "well I thought I would just do that rap that i did the last time I was that not good enough?" GD "NO! Dude you can't do the same old thing you can't just stand around. You gotta move around feel the vide and dance while you perform!" Top "look dude I can't dance worth a crap so I'm just gonna stand there and rap okay!" "Nope your gonna dance your pretty little ass off! And I'm gonna teach you how to". GD says Top with a grin on his face "FINE!" Top say kinda feeling agitated "Okay watch me" GD said to Top GD starts to dance while Top watches and Top not really paying any kind of attention. All he can think about how hot his boyfriend looks dancing around and dripping in sweat. "Top! Top! Top! Are you paying any attention what I'm showing you?" GD asking Top kind feeling annoyed Top snapped out of it "Oh yeah sorry can you show me Again please"Top says with a smirk on his face GD "yeah I'll show you one more time and wipe that smirk off your face punk!" Top *giggles* After a few hours Top and GD get done practicing their dance moves Top works on a new rap for his addition this week. GD "hey lets go out and have some fun okay" Top "yeah sounds likes I could uS a break" They both get dressed and get ready to hit up a new club that they have been hearing about from their friends. They arrive at the club "damn this place looks packed out come on come on let's go" GD says to Top with excitement They go inside the club it's jammed back but it's got good music and everyone is having a great time. They both hit the dance floor and dance for hours the finally take a minute rest. "Man this so much fun I'm glad we came out tonight" Top said to GD GD "yeah hey come with me there these.Special private rooms that have here I wanna check them out" GD grabs Top by the hand And they both come to a stop at a red room with a bouncer standing in front of it "may I help you?" the bouncer asked GD "yeah I wanna get this for me and my friend please" Bouncer "okay that will be $200 for 2 hours" GD give him $300 "I'm gonna need more than 2hours bud"GD Says with a smirk The both enter the room "It's empty? And why is there a bed?" Top ask GD feeling confused GD rips off Top shirt and starts to bite on his neck Top let's out a moan "Oh I get it now uh uh don't Don't forget I'm on top".Top says to GD barely being able to because GD is taking Control of him Not today babe GD says in Top ear GD pulls off Top's pants and throw him on the bed GD goes and grabs handcuffs What are those? Top asked Just relax GD said with a wicked smile GD handcuffs Top bed and. Being to bite on his neck then his chest then he slowly licks Top abs making him. Shutter You okay babe? GD ask What kinda of stupid question is that. Top is thinking to himself "Yeah I'm good keep going this feels great" GD Smiles and brings to to lick Him again then he starts to suck on Top member while he slowly start to insert his finger into Tops ass "Ah shit fuck that feels good baby" Top says while moaning GD pull his finger out and then goes back to biting tops neck then he bites his lips then GD slowly lick Tops abs again. And he puts both Tops legs in the air and beings to eat Top ass Top beg for GD to and to fuck him him hard GD slowly puts his 8inch member into Tops ass "Fuck that feels good" GD says feeling like he's in heaven GD then grab undoes Top handcuffs and then blindfolds him And sit him on top of GD telling Top to ride him while jerks Tops member after a few more minutes. They both each their climax and GD cums inside Top and Top cums all over GD's chest After they got done they both go Home and go to bed The next day Hey Wake up you gotta get ready for today's addition Top groans "I don't wanna get up" Top eventually gets up and gets dressed for his big day He arrives at YG "Well here I go again" Top Says feeling a little nervous Top remembers what GD him about not to just stand around. And to Dance. Top enters the room and bows to YG and then beings rapping and dance After a while Top stop and says thank you YG *laughs* "Kid you don't know how to dance very well but it's teachable you did great welcome to the team welcome Big Bang" "Thank you thank so much I don't disappoint I promise thank you so much" Top is excited Top leaves and goes home to tell GD the good news Hey guess what! Top says to GD "What" asked GD "I'm in I'm apart of Big Bang now!!!" Said Top "See I knew you could do it you was freaking for nothing now you get to see what it's like to apart of Big Bang and live the famous life" GD said to Top with a smile
Well goddamn 😍
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😶😶😶😶 the fact that idk what to say, but DAMNNNN!!!!!! Great job.... this this. ..*shower*
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