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Grand Theft Auto 5 (or V, if you're a fan of the roman numerals) was one of the biggest games of last year -- or was it the year before? I don't remember, this game came out twice. But anyway, it was one of the biggest games of whatever year it came out (both times) and there's a lot to do in the game.
Especially in the current generation re-release. It was one of my favorite games both times but moreso when it comes to the re-release. The new features they added to the game really expanded the world for both single and multiplayer focused gamers.
But here you are now, months after the game has been released, wanting to go back but not knowing what to do because it feels like you've done everything there is to do. But much like the card I wrote about New Vegas, I've got some 6 tips that'll help you get the most out of this amazing game.

1. Play the Entire Game in First Person

Seriously. The game will feel totally different than the time you played it in third-person. You might need to changes the controls around -- I'm pretty sure there's a control scheme that makes it feel more like Call of Duty -- in order to feel alright while playing. And learning how to drive in a video game in first person might be the hardest thing to do for the first couple of hours.

2. Follow ALL the Rules of the Road

I know this seems kind of backwards since GTA is known for wonton destruction but that's the whole point. Try your best to play the game different than the game wants you to play it. Of course you'll get into some missions where it requires you to get into some car chases but aside from those, just you know, drive normally. Like a real human.

3. Solve the Murder Mystery

This might be one of the most insane things in the game. I honestly haven't solved the mystery myself because I have no idea where to start (I'm sure you could find some guides online) but hey, if you want to explore more of Los Santos and the world it exists in, figuring out the murder mystery in the game might be the best thing for you.

4. Play GTA Online like a Single Player Game

It's always fun to play GTA Online with friends (or family, whatever) but playing it to make your own money without the help of friends feels a lot more rewarding than doing it with a big group. One of things I would constantly do is steal then sell cars in that garage. I know where it is in my head but I forget the name of the actual place. There's a dock there or something? Anyway, if you play enough of GTA Online on your own, you'll realize that a lot of the missions are framed in the way the older games were. And well, that's kind of cool.

5. Play the Stock Market

This is one that I mess with from time to time. I'm not very good at math or understanding stock market stuff so playing the fake stock market in GTA V is probably my favorite thing to do. I've lost so much fake money investing in things that I shouldn't have, I'm pretty sure I'm never going to invest in real life. But if you do end up making money on the stock market, you could probably save up to buy all those landmarks in the single-player game. And that sounds fun, doesn't it?

6. Find All the Peyote Plants

This is probably my favorite thing about the re-release of the game. In random spots around Los Santos you can find Peyote Plants that'll make you hallucinate as a different animal. And finding these things by accident has to be the best experience I've ever had in a video game. In fact, there was one time I found a Peyote Plant and hallucinated that I thought I was a cat and started purring and hissing at everyone and everything. It felt so freeing to be a cat and scratch tree-stumps or get petted by random young adults. It was so much fun... Oh man... Wait are we talking about the game still? Or real life?
And those are my 6 tips for Grand Theft Auto 5. So if you have the game and you want to get back into it, be sure to try some of these things out! Also, do you think there's anything I missed? Be sure to let me know in the comments section!
Every time I end up in a game online I usually end up running because as soon as I enter guys try to snipe me or they are inboxing then shooting me lol
@gabbycalzada that actually sounds horrible, geez. i'm sorry about that
@gabbycalzada just don't tell them you r girl and beat the crap out of them, if they get mad and start to be abusive, then tell them that they just got beaten by a girl! I love the awkward silence after that lol
Hmmmm interesting I usually just get people hitting on me cause I'm a girl like they do in every game so I never really play but this is awesome thank you
I'll keep these in mind if I ever play it!
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