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Oh my... Changmin doesn't really cry that much so seeing this photo pains my heart a little bit. On yesterday's broadcast of 'Our neighborhood arts and physical', Changmin shocked everyone as he shed tears after losing a bowling game. Changmin was named the 'Ace' for his team, as everyone believed he had the best hand. However, Changmin didn't meet up to the expectation as he kept making mistakes and failed the game. With pressure crushing on him, Changmin broke into tears as he apologized to his teammates saying, "I'm sorry, I can't help at all during the bowling game. I seem to be a burden in the team". This surely isn't what I expect him to cry about. I mean, over a bowling game? But it seems that Changmin is trying very hard to prove himself on variety shows, especially when those that he has been on are/were not doing very well (Moonlight Prince got cancelled and this show has relatively low viewership - 6.9%). I can understand why he felt disappointed of himself. But boy, don't cry again, we love you no matter what! And I'm sure nobody blamed you for your mistake. You just have try harder next tim!