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Currently reading!! Normally I'm reading Atleast 3-5 different manga at a time but since I'm just finishing Kakashi's story and starting Shikamaru's story, which I cannot wait for since he is one of my tops from Naruto, and of course reading seraph of the end which I actually just binged again a week ago so it's pretty fresh but still gotta keep up with the manga's since they are releasing vol 8 tomorrow!! Super excited for Sakura's story in May! I hope they keep giving these stories for everyone I really have some characters I gotta know about after the 4th great ninja war until naruto becomes 7th hokage!! Keep up with the world or anime and manga my NAKAMA!! Anime is life!! Manga 4 ever!!
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@freep I already thought about it this morning multiple times. I def would if I could that's for sure. Lol
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@freep. u should watch the anime: I can't understand what my hy husband is saying. u remind me of kaoru's husband lol
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ignore the hy lol
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naruto is for babies. I only fux wit seinen.
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