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Well here we are once again to celebrate another Big Bang Scavenger Hunt!!!! Wooo yaaayyyy!!!! See, that's the part where you're suppose to jump around and scream like a little duck.... No? You don't want to scream? Alright, I guess that's fine.... Anyway! Here we are with another scavenger hunt, I hope you all enjoy it and try it out yourselves ^-^
P.S. Why does Daesung look very frightening in the picture above....? Is it just me or is anyone else a little scared right now? O.O But I do want ice cream now... :l *Stops typing and runs downstairs to grab some ice cream. Runs back upstairs, covered in ice cream.* Alright I'm ready.

1. G-Dragon fan art.

Wow, just wow. These, oh my god. These are amazing!!!! These are just brilliant!!!! I love the G-Joker one since Joker is my lover cx And I just love Crooked so I had to choose that one!!!! And the first drawing where G-Dragon is wearing glasses, well I had to pick that one because it's fantastic (baby)! Annnnndd I actually follow the artist on DeviantArt cx

2. Video of BIGBANG members reacting to another idol group's performance at an award show.

I haven't actually heard any of iKON's songs, but I will eventually! I just thought their reaction was funny, especially their little dances throughout the video.

3. Gifs or video of each member of BIGBANG doing body rolls.

Their body rolls are so funny!!! XD I mean *cough cough* Those body rolls though O.O Especially Taeyang's!!!! I really hope T.O.P's counts. He doesn't really do body rolls, so this is as close as I could get to a legit body roll :l

4. Video of Taeyang performing any of his solo songs live.

I think Prayer is one of my favorite songs by Taeyang. So here is Prayer live!!!! I'm sorry the quality's bad. The video's old.

5. JRE reaction video relating to BIGBANG.

My recommendations on YouTube are actually overrun with JRE's videos, but this is actually my first time watching one of his videos. I decided to do Bang Bang Bang because that was the first song I ever heard by Big Bang so I had to see his reaction when he watched it. Turns out, my reaction wasn't all that different from his xD He's pretty funny, I'll probably have to watch his other reaction videos now just to see his other reactions.
"Oh sh*t. You like that GD!? GD got a human pet! First he had a tiger now a human pet!?"

6. 10 of the funniest BIGBANG memes you can find.

I love memes, and the Big Bang ones are truly hilarious XD I can't, I just can't! XD XD XD XD

7. The sexiest picture of each member and the sexiest picture of all 5 members together.

Well there are a lot of sexy pictures of Big Bang, but then I decided that the sexiest pictures were the ones of them shirtless. So please enjoy these wonderful pictures of them shirtless. (Yes, even the one of them all together is very sexy. I mean, just look at T.O.P's face, pure sexiness)

8. Clip of Daesung speaking Japanese.

I'm pretty sure that Daesung is speaking Japanese in the first video, but just to be sure I put in the second video as well. For some reason, I just can't tell apart Korean from Japanese today!! Even though I listen to K-Pop and watch anime... I should know the difference!!!! >.>

9. Pictures or gifs of BIGBANG members with other Kpop idols (non-YG artists only).

Look at the way Chanyeol is starring at Seungri!! And look at the way Seungri is staring at Chanyeol!!!! :D :D :D :D And just look how happy Sehun is resting his head on Seungri!! I'm jealous of all of them....And Monsta X and Psy with all of Big Bang! Oh, happy times ^-^

10. Pictures of merchandise with Seungri's name and/or likeness on them.

Can I like, have both of those shirts???? And possibly the one holding the first shirt???? I'm not picky cx

11. BIGBANG dance practice video (must have all 5 members in the video).

Just had to celebrate with more Bang Bang Bang c: And I love how G-Dragon laughs at poor Taeyang when he makes a mistake cx And please, enjoy more of G-Dragon's legs. I know you like them!! O.o

12. Four gifs of TOP that show his dimples and one gif of TOP that does not show his dimples.

T.O.P has such a cute smile!!!! Why have I just noticed that he has dimples!?!?!? O.o Ahhhh he's adorable!!!! He has dimples!!!!


13. Show me pictures of your best cold/flu/laryngitis remedies and explain anything I need to know to make it work.

Tea - Drink lots of tea. Tea is full of nutrients that will help fight off sickness!!!!
Oranges - Eat a lot of oranges. Vitamin C is important when you're sick!!!!
Big Bang Sleeping - They're adorable and they make everyone feel better ^.^
*You probably don't need guidelines on any of these things, but here they are anyway :D
1. Grab a tea bag of your choice. Preferably one that has a flavor you like.
2. Boil some water and then pour that water into a cup.
3. Put the tea bag into the cup of water and let the goodness seep into the water.
4. Either mix the tea with honey or sugar, but since your sick the honey will help you more than sugar will.
5. Drink the tea when it isn't scalding hot ^-^
1. Get some oranges.
2. Eat the oranges. You don't even have to peel them!!!! Just kidding, peel the oranges then eat them.
Big Bang Sleeping
1. Lay down in a warm bed and get covered in blankets.
2. Grab your laptop, phone, iPod, or whatever you use to listen to music and just listen to Big Bang music as you sleep!!!! Their soothing voices will lull you to sleep and encourage your body to fight off sickness!!!!
P.S. Make sure the music is quiet rather than blaring so that it's actually possible to sleep. Just a thought cx
Please get better as soon as possible!!!!


14. Show me your favorite music video from another Kpop idol group you love.

Okay, if you don't already know. I love EXO, and I love their song Call Me Baby. EXO was the first K-Pop group that I ever got into and they're the reason that I'm in love with K-Pop. Call Me Baby was their first song that I ever listened to and I still love it!!!! Chanyeol just looks so smexy with his grayish-blue hair!!!! And currently, I'm learning the dance to this song, which is actually quite fun to dance to but I still have a lot to learn cx
Okay, funny story. As I was looking for pictures of bunnies I decided to do a picture of a bunny wearing some sort of costume. As I was looking through pictures, I happened upon this one. I had to contain my fangirling when I saw this picture. Please, please tell me, does this rabbit remind any of you at all of G-Dragon!?!?!!? Because that's the first thing my mind went to when I saw this bunny!!!! It's a bunny dressed up like G-Dragon!!!!!! Now I know that I might be wrong about this, but I will believe it no matter what you say!!! :P
Anyway.... This scavenger hunt was actually pretty easy compared to last week's one, so that's happy making. But for some reason, I still ended up doing this one last minute!!!! Do I have a problem or something!?!? I just can't stop myself from doing these scavenger hunts till the last minute :l I just don't have time. Also, I nearly cried when making this card because when I was literally just a quarter away from being done with this card, I accidentally closed out of it and I couldn't find it anywhere!!!! I thought that it didn't save and I was so pissed off at myself!!!! Thankfully, Vingle is kind and it had been saved in my drafted cards (phew!). Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this and continue to love Big Bang!!!! Bye!!!!
"B.I.G Yeah we bang like this, everyone together. Like you've been shot. Bang, bang, bang! Bang, bang, bang! Bang, bang, bang!"
-Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang

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