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If you're tired of hearing about the $600 Oculus Rift and $800 HTV Vive for a fun VR gaming experience, McDonald's is here to save the day (yep, you heard that right)!
McDonald's newest Happy Meal called "Happy Goggles" will be making a debut across Sweden in March. The price of $4.10 seems reasonable enough for a VR set, right?

Here's a little demo of how it works:

Not only do the Happy Goggles come with a handy VR device but McDonald's has also developed a game to go along with the Goggles.
While the Sweden release will just be a trial run, the Happy Goggles might appear at other places depending on the success of this debut.
It may not be a high-end VR set worth as much as a laptop, but at less than 5 bucks, this seems like a fun-enough way to play a VR game (on your phone none-the-less).

Will you be checking out the Happy Goggles when it comes out at a McD's near you?

that's much cooler than the hot wheelz I used to get. but not the color changing ones.....nothing is cooler than the color changing ones.....
@poojas yeah, me too! Lol
@poojas lol yeeeeeessss 😂
I'M DEFINITELY CHECKING IT OUT!!! 😃 I really want one! And I'll have the chance because I have smaller siblings so I'll just steal their happy meal boxes from them (they'll never know anyway XD)
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