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I can't get enough of One Piece. Actually funny story ODA sensei actually wrote in one of his earlier mangas that a girl had wrote him saying she loved his work and her parents found it odd. Although the best part is that she called the manga NE PEC!! Haha she didn't read the other letters that were used as symbols for the lettering which I love since it fits so so well. ARIGATOU ODA sensei once again!! Enough of my rant. I'm currently watching strong world and can't stop thinking that half the view counts on are from me on not only strong world but also film Z haha. I watch them ritualistically atleast every month of not weekly for a filler to break between animes since I binge 7-15+ different 12-24 epi anime a week. I really need a job that pays to watch and rate and draw and review anime and manga haha I spend 1/3 of my life watching anime I swear. Haha no regrets tho NAKAMA!! Anime is life!!
my favorite is strong world lol film z was amazing tho
@InVinsybll awesome NAKAMA!! I guess when u really do look at it it can be hard to tell. Awesome story and awesome that you can understand it then lol.
for a long time I thought it was NE PEC too, lol. didn't realize the symbols for letters for a while
strong worlds my favorite out of all the one piece movies