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Feminism ohhhhhhhh such a scary, man hating word right? WRONGGGGG. Oh just how wrong you are. In fact, most people have the idea of feminism wrong.
Feminism is advocating for women to have the same social, economic, and political rights as men. Nothing more, and nothing less.
So yeah, women just want to be treated equal, crazy right? But sometimes people lose their way on the beautiful road of feminism. So here are some very hard and fast rules to feminism. And lets me real, if you are breaking these, you are only hindering our cause.

1. All bodies are beautiful.

The body positive movement rocks and really brings to light how amazing curves are. But body positive and supporting a fellow female means that socially acceptable skinny bodies are JUST AS BEAUTIFUL! Unfortunately everyone seems to have an issue with their body, lets not make it worse.

2. Slut shamming is a hard no!

This should go without say but you would be surprised. Feminism isn't only embracing and taking back the word slut, it is making sure we don't slut shame either. No matter what.

3. Stay at home moms are cool AF.

So a woman wants to stay at home and raise her kids, hell yeah good for her! That does not make her any less of a feminist. Feminism is the right for every woman to choose her own destiny, to have her own voice.

4. Men are allowed to be feminist, but should not be praised extra for it.

Yes, feminism is for men as well, in fact, without men (who make up half the population), women's equality would be even harder to achieve. However, a male feminist shouldn't get praised more because he believes that all people should be equal. All to often, women are cast as crazy feminists where as males are hailed as heroes when they have the exact same beliefs.

5. You must never believe we are in a post-feminism world.

People have deemed this time "post feminism; which confuses me. Just because we have jobs and women can now choose to not have a child, we are by no means "post feminism". We still live in a world where cat calls are compliments, where rape is our fault, and where the rights to our bodies are control by wrinkly old white men.
We are NOT post feminism.
love this post. The other things to realize is that we need to be conscious about not white washing feminism and making it just about ciswomen.
I'm checked as OK ( A feminist man who doesn't think he should be praised for that )
@freep haha Thank you!
I respect ur opinion, not because ur a woman, but because ur an otaku.
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