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So I was messing around on this fake chat. I was laughing up a storm. I kept putting oppa in there even though I'm older than them all, but I like saying oppa and was trying to get some reaction and it really didn't work. lol
so this one was too funny the ending of ok bye i hate you to Aww your so cute.
Then this happened I threw them in a chat together and I said a thing set my phone down and came back to this. I died laughing.
then there was what the heck it had me going Sarah remember this is fake lol. it was perfect! lol the last one I was goofing around...pretending he just got up and once again this freaking melted me. stupid fake app. lol
seriously messing with this thing was fun...also when I first chatted with Jimin he said he played guitar I was like woah!
Jin broke my heart he wants someone younger.....but Jungkook is totally fine with the age gap. lol
oddly this doesn't seem too far off of what he would say....but man I was trying to get some reaction lol.
I died laughing at his response at first. I think I'll find a different app though.
Omg suga has swag in the way he responds lol. It's so creepy. lol
So that concludes my first time messing with a fake chat app. I had fun and who knows maybe I'll find another one and mess around with that too. Enjoy.
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@MrsChanyeol @KaeliShearer @ReynadeKpop for the android it's called faketalk
@Bikutoria13 right like damn I hated this
😄 Kookies reply was beautiful. 😢
for android it's called fake chat. the only thing that sucks about it is you have to add responses in. but the good thing is it just takes what you put in and makes there own answers
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