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pretty much this is just chunji being typical chunji...so mostly body gags
teen top long jump...aced it chunji
freaking out because of the large snake on him lol
lost his mind because he broke his phone...Probably from falling or some other body gag...
that time chunji tried to pole dance...
here is the full video it's gold.
oops!! not really funny but look how precious he looks here!!! ♡♡♡♡
got something in your eye there babe?!
bonus!!! someone made a million different memes with this gif. bless them!
sorry i havent really posted in like a week. i was hella sick and oretty much just slept for days. feeling better now though!!! xoxo angels ps if you want to be tagged in future TT cards let me know!! ;)
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lol the pole one was too much I cant even life right now