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I met this girl..She was a monster with a very terrible appearance. She had been struggling with many hating her...Friends dying.. almost made her smile in the mess. After a while...her heart was broken She fell hard... the fall wasn't so bad but..She landed on her face. She was then alone...ready to die. so she jumped 11 stories.. and dissapeared. I knew where to look for her if there was anything left of course. so I rushed into my house and kicked open the bathroom door. I looked up and saw myself.. The girl was was just me. I was bleeding out with a blade in my hand screaming at my reflection "I HATE YOU!" "WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!?". In tears..I fall to the floor. What happened next..I don't was just the girl again...but......................where was I?
Well something like that. I'm not dead so...
Hopefully sleeping and that was just a dream??