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Guys!! We might be able to see him again sooner than we think! Joong Ki and his agency are considering his next project. They have a few lined up, but the most positive one seem to be a movie named 'The Sea Fog', directed by Bong Joon Ho. Most of director Bong Joon Ho's works are horror/action. He is most well-known for 'The Host', a sci-fi horror movie that set a new record for Korean box office in 2006 (breaking Lee Jun Ki's The King and The Clown's record made in 2005). We need to wait for the final decision, but if Joong Ki goes for this project, it would be something completely different from his previous ones. (I would love to see Jong Ki in a horror movie ^^)
yes especially comedy period dramas like sungkunkwan scandal.
Finally !! I miss joong ki oppa and I hope he would cast in drama too in addition to this film