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We're Rooting for You!

@nicolejb, I just wanted to let you know that you have support...
And I'll give you all the encouragemint I can...
You can do it!
So, just remember.......
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AHHHHH This is the sweetest, best thing I've ever seen!! Thank you so much for making my day :D I truly am the luckiest @danidee:) My mom actually sent me a care package the other day with a few things in it with puns. she even included a bra and said, "just for a little support". you see where I get my sense of humor now?? lol. I love my awesome support system!!
HAHAHAHA it's because they want to support us!! duh!!! @danidee but at least it's coming from mom and not some other weird family memeber
@nicolejb Omg, what's with moms and gifting bras? My mom used to give me one for Christmas every year and say it was from "Mrs. Claus"....
Hahahahahahahaha, my heart is so warm from reading these, and they weren't even directed toward me. @nicolejb is the luckiest. :')
I like the gopher one
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