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Who do I think deserves a solo movie?
I want to see a movie about Natasha's backstory and about her growing up. I feel like Black Widow is a fairly flat character in many ways because, at least for me as a person who hasn't read any of her comics yet, because we don't see really much about her past and stuff. And I still really enjoy her character, and I think I would love her more if we could get more character depth with her.
Also I found this really amazing fan trailer someone made. I'll put it here so people can watch it. I don't know how many people here have seen it, but here you go. It's an AWESOME fan trailer.
I also think that this lady right here should have a solo film.
I haven't gotten around to reading any She Hulk comics yet. But everything about her I have read, I think she would be a totally amazing character to add to the MCU. Jennifer Walters is smart, beautiful, and could break you over her knee if she wanted, and I think with all the stuff that's happened with Bruce Banner and the Hulk it would be a good time to introduce her to the MCU
And yes, I know that Black Panther is getting his own movie in the near future, but I just wanted to emphasize the need for a marvel solo movie that is focused on a Person of Color.
There are a bunch of other characters I could think of that I think deserve a solo movie, but I'll leave it here. As always, feel free to leave comments if you want, and I'll see you in the next card!
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AGREED!!! I'm excited for the Black Panther movie for sure, he's a great character and totally underrated. She-Hulk I'd love to see. I'd take a mini series too honestly. Black Widow's story is so cool, I could see a Bourne-like movie about her for sure.