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Lies Hidden, Secrets Revealed Part 1

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One Cloudy Morning, Your mom had droven you to school. On the way there, Your mother had excitingly asked you, "Ready for school today?"
You pretend to be as excited as her and nod a yes with a crooked smile. She smiles as she looks in the review mirror. She looks back at the road and she slams on the brake really hard, Making that loud burned tire noise. You immediately grip onto your seatbelt as you look up to see that your mom almost had hit a group of boys. 2 out of the 7 boys look up at her as they both look at you, Making you felt embarrass to your cheeks. As your mom pulls up to the curb, You get out of the car and walk through the school gate as your mom zooms off. You walk to your locker and put in your combination as you heard a bunch of voices coming from your surroundings.
You look over your shoulder to see what the commontion is about. Your eyes had set on those same group of boys that almost died this morning. One of the boys looked at you as he tries to get his friend's attention. Another boy looks at you with a scared look on his face. You ignore them and mind your own business until a boy had yelled out,
"Hey! Girl! Come here now!!"
You just kept doing on what you were doing until you saw that your locker had been slammed shut. You look up through the corner of your eyes to see a guy with pretty eyes and pretty hair looking down at you, "Did you not here my commands?"
You murmured under your breath, "Shut Up..." Before ignoring him and walking away but he just runs in front of you and pushes you back into the lockers pretty hard, But not hard enough to the point where you're injured. You try to push the guy away from you but he just put his face near yours as his arm is above your head. He leans in a bit closer as he says, "This kid...Are you deaf?"
You nod a no as you look at the ground. But he just lifts up your chin to make you look at him, "Do you even know who I am?"
You look at his eyes as you said quietly, "No I don't." He gives you the widest smirk as he continues, "I'm JB, The hottest guy in school."
You roll your eyes as you push his arm away and walk away from him as fast as you can.
Before you could even make it across campus, He had grabbed your backpack and pulls you back into his arm. He squished your body nears his as he asks you,
"Aren't I hot? Or even attractive?"
You try to shake him off as you mumbled, "I don't know I guess..."
You heard a voice yell out, "Hyung! Let the innocent go!"
You and JB turn your heads to see a guy with pretty voluminized hair. JB walks towards him as he chants, "BamBam! BamBam! BamBam!"
He smiles as JB's arm wraps around his and they walk off, Leaving you in confusion.
After class, You walk over to your locker and put away some textbooks as your friends come by, Your friends, Ju Martinez and Daewon Chavez. They both hug you from each side of your body as you close your locker shut and lock it.
You head towards the lunch line as your friends walk besides you. You felt a bit happier as they were in your presence. You look over your shoulder to see JB and his group of friends chatting up a storm. You cross your arms as you look down at the ground intensely. Daewon looks at you as he asks, "What's Wrong (Y/N)?"
"Do you know who JB is?" You asked quietly.
"Unfortunately, Yeah I do."
"He is so ignorant and selfish." You complained. You felt a hand had touched your shoulder as you tilt your head up. You look over your shoulder to see a boy with a charming smile saying, "Umm Hey there, I'm sorry for my Hyung bothering you this morning. I'm BamBam by the way. Yet again I'm really sorry for his actions."
You smile as he shakes your hand, "It's okay and I'm (Y/N), Nice to meet you BamBam."
He smiles as he lets go of your hand and walks back to his friends.
You, Ju and Daewon go and sit at a table towards the exit door. But not that many seconds later, The guys sit across from you, Making you feel anxious. As you talk to your friends and eat, You heard a lot of commontion coming from that table as they yelled out,
"Hey (Y/N)!!! BamBam thinks your cute!!"
Everyone in that caferteria were staring right at you as most of the people squeled, But a few others were grossed out by it. BamBam nods a no as he waves his hands in a horizontal line expression. You frown a bit thinking that he thinks your ugly. Until,
Daewon turns around in disgust and concern as he gets the boys attention,
"Hey! What's wrong with her? Do you think she is not attractive?"
All the guys looked scared a bit as they look at him then at you, BamBam immediately apologizes as he blushes in embarrasment, "No No No! It's not that! Of course she is attractive to me, She is really cute but it's just that...Nevermind..."
He sits there in frustration as his face gets more red each time as minutes went by. You just try to ignore their stupid little jokes as you eat. You block their voices and their ignorance out of your head and away from your mind. Ju whispers to you,
"You know...I'm not gonna lie, BamBam is kind of cute."
You get a bit carried away and told off Ju, "Hey! He is probably like a million years older than you! Plus he probably has a girlfriend who is very loyal and sweet, Don't steal another girl's man!"
You must've had said that loud enough for JB to hear because he said,
"Awww...It's cute when a geek defends another geek.."
You blush a bit as you try to defend yourself, "Shut up! I'm no geek nor is BamBam!"
JB just shrugs as he gives a smirk.
You were waiting for your mom to pick you up as you text her to hurry. As you were standing by the gate in the heating sun, You felt a presence surrounding you.
You look over to see it was one of the boys. He walks towards you with a shy expression as he tells you cutely, "Hey, You might not know me, I was one of the boys sitting with JB and BamBam. I'm Mark, And I'm sorry for my dongsaengs idiotic actions earlier."
You smile a bit as you look into his pure eyes, "It's okay, I know how some people can be." He blushes as you scroll through your phone. You check Vingle to find some fanfics to read at home but Mark was being a bit too nosey because he says,
"What's Vingle?"
You sigh quietly as you explain to him, "Vingle is a Korean startup providing a global interest community for mobile and web platforms. It enables users to share thoughts and passions in any chosen language."
His face expressed in aw as your mom pulls up. Mark looks at you in sadness as he says,
"Bye Little One, See you tomorrow." He awkwardly touches your shoulder as he tries to embrace a hug. You understood his signals and gave him a side hug. He blushes as he waves by to you as you get in the car. As your mom zooms off, You see Mark standing there in lonesome as your mom asks you,"So, Is that your boyfriend?"
Your eyes widened at her as you immediately deny, "No Mom, Just a friend." She cocks an eyebrow as she just ignores your statement. As your mom pulls up into the driveway, You look at your house, So dull and boring. You get out of the car and run inside into your room to jump on your bed. You look up at the ceiling with dismay as you thought about the embarassment you had encountered. You felt yourself getting red as you cover your own face. You kept thinking about how unconsciously suspicous Mark was, How he just appeared out of plain sight. You thought about he was so cute and shy, Even though the boys were annoying, Maybe not all of them were...
Here are the websites I got the names, "Ju Martinez" and "Daewon Chavez":
By the websites meanings:
Daewon- Gracious God
Ju- Daisy Flower
These are the first names of the readers friends that I have chosen.
Personally, I think these are beautiful names and if I ever have kids, These may be their first name or their middle names.
I hope you all enjoyed the story! If not then...Sorry
I'm not gonna lie, i laughed my butt off at the reader's friends names. Could Mark please beat the living crap out of JB, juuuust a liiiiittle?
tag me please
Hehe I love it... And yes I agree with the girl Mark acted more suspicious than BamBam
tag me in bambam stuff just tag me lol
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